Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The more you try to erase me, the more that I appear

I was going to title this post "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned", except I had remembered that I vowed to title every single post with a Radiohead lyric.

Two years ago, I bought myself a pair of imitation uggs...from Wal-mart. Now that is like a crime of fashion cubed. I know...I know...it's horrible...and what's even more horrible is that lately I have been wearing them almost every day. In -40 degrees celsius weather, I give in to poor fashion sense and ugg-whore-dom and "supporting evil empire"-ism and fake-ism.

My head feels guilty. My feet feel waarrrmmm. mmmm...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Saw this pretty babydoll dress at Nordstroms.com. Would it look too weird with opaque tights?

Black Swan

Wow guys, has it really been a month?

Ranting about my insanely busy life will take up too much room and will most likely be boring, so let's talk about grad dresses instead. Yay.

I really really don't want to wear a "typical" grad dress. No poofs, none of that weird poofy thin fabric material, no long silky gowns, etc...

Though I'd probably regret it in a few years, I have finally decided that for grad, I am going 60s.

I'm talking minidress, black tights, and colourful pumps. Maybe even a pixie cut. (heh...probably not a pixie cut). But nonetheless, I shall look to Sienna Miller for inspiration. For colour, I'm thinking purple. *Excited!*

Every girl must dream of wearing Roland Mouret, non?

...or Vera Wang, for that matter.

P.S I am TOTALLY FOR buying a dress on sale after Christmas for your grad...that way nobody will have the same thing as you and you can brag about how great a deal you got!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lost at Sea

Island Odyssey (our beautiful little sailboat)

Sorry for the non-postage, but I'm still going through vacation withdrawl. My sailing expedition on the shores of British Columbia was amazing...I saw the 5 most beautiful sunrises and sunsets of my life. I am officially in love with the ocean...the best feeling in the world is sitting at the bow of a ship and looking out into the endless expanse of sea, and spotting an orca in the distance. I know it's totally cliché, but going on this has totally changed my perspective on life and the world. I miss the ocean so much! Life in the city stinks.

Beautiful shell beach



That's me!!! In the middle!

Orca up close! This one swam right up to our boat, dove under it, and came up the other side.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Anyone can play guitar...

but only 90s era Radiohead can pull off such grotesque outfits.


This video just screams 90s psychedelic scariness...from the radioactive chickens, feather boas, close-ups of bad lip-synching, and a million other creepy/funny things. I really do hope the 90s never come back.

A pig. In a cage. On antibiotics.

Gah...my friends...I yearn to post every single minute of every single day, but l'ecole has just been so absolument horrible that I have had no time to do ANYTHING. It seems like I am constantly studying, thinking about scholarship applications, or doing the billion extra-curricular activities I shouldn't have signed up for. At least a busy life prevents me from thinking that I'm wasting it.

However, I just must take a break from doing tedius calculus problems and post THIS:

This, my friends, is the feminized version of the jersey of the best hockey team on the planet. I know most of you guys won't know who the Oilers are, but that's okay. However, I think this jersey is an abomination to mankind. It is, like grandma's knitted sweaters and pom-pom hair accessories, suitable only for females under the age of 12 or overly flamboyant males. Nevertheless, GO OILERS.

Also, LOST premieres tomorrow, which has got me so excited I can't help but twitch and jump as I type this.


P.S I will be away next week on a whaling (whale-watching, not hunting, you sillies) expedition. Don't expect me to post anything.

au revoir! bon voyage pour moi!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Black Star

The best clothing line to debut in Canada so far is Joe Fresh Style. It sells at Superstore, and I have to admit I've bought quite a few things already. They're cheap to being with, but when they have clearance sales, the prices are craaazy. I got basic cotton tshirts for $3 a piece and a tank top with shell decoration for $2. I also just bought these pj pants with the most adorable print ever:

I guess they're good enough to replace my old pjs which have ripped in the butt. I loved that print dearly- it was sleeping cats who had little dream bubbles that said "40 winks".

Little Piggy

Blog for Beauty came up with this genius idea of taking pictures of all your makeup and sharing it with readers. Who doesn't love talking about themselves? And, who doesn't like snooping through other people's stuff?

But when I went to go take a picture of the makeup I use, I realized that I had almost none. Basically, I do the 3-step face washing thing, and go. Sometimes, when I'm feeling adventurous, I put on mascara/eyeliner, blush, and lip gloss. So...here is my makeup:

But, being the shopaholic that I am, I also have a whole bunch of other makeup that I NEVER use. First of all, wearing eyeshadow does not work because I wear contacts, and they get really irksome as soon as ANY eyeshadow gets in my eyes. I am horrible at applying concealer and have yet to find one that matches my skin tone. I got most of this makeup really cheap or for free, though, so I don't feel guilty for not using it.

So, there it is. Not too exciting, I know, but less is more, I suppose?

(Fade Out)

Is it just me, or are the models for S/S even thinner than usual? Perhaps that is a testament as to why super volumnious shapes won't work for the general public, if even MODELS are afraid of looking fat.

Tatiana Lyadockrina for Jason Wu

Yevgeniya Kedrova for Tuleh

Even my old pal Irina looks sickly. Her thigh looks about the size of my upper arm. Hmmph. (Zac Posen)

Anyways, I haven't had much time to look through the collections, but from what I've seen, the major "trends" next spring are going to be:

1) Pastelly washed out colours: pale yellow and blue seem to be the "it" colours, along with lilacy greys, off-whites, and khakis

2) Small-ish volume: not sure if I'll try this one

3) Feminine details: bows, pleats, ruffles

I can't wait.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How do you?

Gah. This may be the most disturbing thing I've seen ever. I know I am forever prejudiced against leggings, but...you have to admit that this just does not work. Even though this individual has shapely calves, small hips and thighs, leggings are just not for them. Which proves that leggings are not for anybody.

From facehunter, by the way. (you can also check out some pleasanter styles there to heal thy burning eyeballs)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Standing on the edge

Model o' the day/week goes to Elyse Sewell of ANTM, cycle 1. She's my favourite contestant of all time on that show, and even though she didn't win, she has one of the best modelling careers out of all the contestants. Here she is on the cover of the Asian Harpar's Bazaar:

And this is one of her best photos from the show:

ANTM is starting very soon, but I'm not sure if I'll watch it this year since the quality of modelling has gone down each year. Some of my other all-time favourite contestants include:

Adrianne from cycle 1 (Playboy, The Surreal World, not so much modelling...)

Catie from cycle 2 (signed with L.A models, some acting)

Kahlen from cycle 4 (still bartending, some minor modelling gigs)

Doesn't she look like Carmen Kass?

Joanie from cycle 6 (signed with NOUS models)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

In Limbo

I never knew Elisha Cuthbert could look this good, even with mega-uber-airbrushing. I love how they digitally changed her eye colour to green and matched the title colour to them. And I also love her dress.

I never knew Janet Jackson was this ugly. Did they airbrush her to make her look even freakier? She looks like...I dunno...Micheal in drag?

Most of September's magazine covers were just very blah

Tacky dress, tacky colour, tacky hair, tacky smile, tacky pose.

Ehh...? Emmy looks like she's trying to hold in a fart while smiling

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Talks in Maths-update

So...the dreaded first week of school has passed, and it was just as bad as I thought it would be. Homework galore, boring classes, vapid people with poor fashion sense.

The dreaded leggings+miniskirt combo has been popping up here and there like a nasty lurking pimple...while abercrombie/hollister/tna hoodies rule once again. A few of the girls have taken on skinny jeans, but bootcut still prevails.

By the way, I didn't end up wearing any of the outfits I had planned, since the first day of school turned out to be super hot.

School is super stinky, and I can't look forward to summer again.

P.S Favourite 'upcoming trend' of spring/summer 07? PASTELLY PALE COLOURS!!!!! YAY! No more gold lamé leggings à la American Outfitters, please!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Let Down

The Ugly

I've been doing a lot of window shopping lately at the mall, and it's always interesting to note what the stores are doing for fall. What caught my eye the most was the Gap, and, more specifically, their blatant misuse of Audrey Hepburn's face (and body).

Sure, Audrey looks great in "the skinny pant", but will the average mall-rat know that the pants she's wearing in that poster were designed and made by Givenchy, not by the Gap? Not only is this latest attempt to appeal to the younger generation revolting, their earlier ads were just as bad. Since when was the Gap obsessed with trends? Audrey would be very disappointed. Boycott, I say. (Besides, I went into the Gap and the clothes don't look even half as good as they do online)

The Bad

Old Navy (owned by the Gap, incidently) is doing the whole tacky " get your fash'on" thing, which is just as vomit-inducing as their earlier ads. However, this time, I'm not impressed with the clothes either. Old Navy has been great for the past few seasons, but their fall collection is just only kind of so-so.

The Good

Zara has some AMAZING coats this season. My mouth actually watered at the sight of them (my eyes watered as well when I realized I could not afford any of them, even though they are quite "affordable" (i am just quite impoverished)) Also amazing are their flats, even though they show a little bit too much toe-cleavage for my liking, and their skirts. The sweaters, shirts, and pants? Meh.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Through pitch dark...

Model o' the Moment- Irina Lazareanu

I love models. I know, I know, they portray a very abnormal body image and provide "thinspiration" to crazy girls all around the world.But models represent for me a fantasy world of luxury and excess, and the allure of that image overpowers the negative rap that they get from mainstrea media.

When I read that Irina is also a musician, I instantly fell in love with her. She has a very Beatles-esque look (AND she's collaborating with Sean Lennon on an album), and beautiful pale skin and dark hair.

And she has the unusual face that I love in models.

P.S I'll try to post these model o' the moment things quite often.

Like Spinning Plates

Huzzah! First-day-back-to-school outfit possibilities!

I've finally figured out how to use photoshop to delete the unpleasant background of my messy room from these pictures. All my limbs are actually intact; I am just very bad at photoshop.

Option 1: If it's really cold, I'll wear this. Basically, it's tank top, sweater, and vest with jeans. Kind of safe, but warm.

Option 2: This seems a little bit too matchy matchy/ dressy. I love my tights though, and I love that sweater. (Inspired by MJ!)

Option 3: I LOVE this sweater. And the tights, of course.

Option 4: Trying too hard
I found this sweater dress in my mom's closet. I love it but I hate the feeling of feeling overdressed. If I wear this to school, I will feel overdressed.

Talks in maths...

In a mere week, I shall be back at youth prison school. Oh, how I miss the early morning zombie marching, the white-faced fear of English class, the inescapable feeling of doom while writing a physics test...
I guess the only thing that would make youknowwhat less painful is dressing up for the first day back. The first day is always a dilemma, because you want to show off all your new purchases, but you don't want to seem like you're trying too hard. So, while I sit here and ponder my outfit, I also thought up some easy outfits for all of my 2 readers. (I love you guys!)

Option 1 (trying not to try too hard): Jeans+quirky tshirt+funky necklace+flats

(picture from facehunter)

Option 2 (still trying not to try too hard): Skirt+tank+cardigan+flats+crazy jewellery

(picture from facehunter)

Option 3: Sweatsuit (if you must...) + extra nice hair and jewellery

Option 4: (conformity) Jeans+tshirt+hoodie+shoes
AE: conforming teens since grade school

I suspect that at my school, 20% would be option 1, 10% option 2, 10% option 3, 50% option 4, and 10% option z.

I hope to be in the option z category. As soon as I figure out my outfit, I'll post it. Promise.

P.S. Hopefully nobody will show up in Option Yuck: Leggings+Denim miniskirt+polka-dot top+headband+long pendanty necklace+flats

This girl is gorgeous and slender, but imagine how much better she would look if she weren't wearing those darned leggings!!!!!!

I feel my luck could change

Today, an event of immense excitingness happened to me. I found a four-leafed clover!!!! A REAL four-leafed clover, not one of those three-leafed clovers with a split leaf. After a few minutes of rejoicing, I decided that I would try to preserve it as a necklace pendant. I duct taped it to an old pendant of mine. Hopefully it won't shrivel up anytime soon. Here it is:

I have been hunting for four-leafed clovers all my life so this is actually a monumental time of my life. No kidding!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I might be wrong

I'm not a big beauty/makeup person, and I don't really find shopping for makeup too too enjoyable. Nevertheless, I have my own little regimen, and over the years I've found some great products and some horrible products.

NOTE: I am not getting paid to endorse any products; this is my honest opinion! Please comment if you disagree or have any other beauty suggestions! :)

SUPER DUPER BAD: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

I remember hearing how this stuff was the best mascara ever, and so cheap! I tried it and it's horrible: dry, clumpy, and irritating. I'm not so sure why the entire world seems to think this is great?


Admittedly, I have not tried a lot of different brands of mascaras, so I don't know if this is the BETS product out there, but I really like Clinique's high impact Mascara. I wear contacts, so my eyes are very sensitive to any type of product. The Clinique Line doesn't seem to flake as much as the aforementioned Maybelline, and it does not clump at all.

ABSOLUMENT HORRIBLE: Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser, Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Cream Cleanser, Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Astringent

My beef with the Neutrogena Acne line is that the cleansers are all very thick and scented and incredibly difficult to rinse off. I could still smell and feel the cleanser on my face after thoroughly rinsing it off, and that did nothing for my skin. The Blackhead Eliminating Astringent is too harsh and did not eliminate blackheads.


Clean & Clear Continous Control Foaming Acne Wash
Pretty good all-around cleanser, but could be too mild for people with very oily skin.

Clean & Clear's scrub is ideal for facial use, because it is so gentle. If you need a body scrub, try the St. Ive's Apricot line, which is made for facial use but is much too harsh.

I like Clean & Clear's line much better because they are much lighter and rinse off easily. However, there is still that smell that lingers on after rinsing, which worries me because having fragrance chemicals on my face surely cannot be a good thing.

Ivory Soap
Many people think that soap is too harsh for washing faces, but I find that as long as you follow up with a really good moisturizer, there's no difference. Ivory soap is unscented, gentle, and lathers nicely.


CLINIQUE's 3-step skin care line has been my savior for the past 2 years. It's a little bit pricey; probably about $100 for the 3 steps, but it lasts 8 months. (And plus, CLINIQUE always has bonus offers where you get a whole bunch of goodies, including the mascara that I was talking about!)

The reason I like Clinique's line is the lightness, rinse-ability, and gentleness. The foaming cleanser doesn't even sting if you get it in your eyes! I would recomment the MILD clarifying lotion and the moisturizing GEL (unless you have VERY dry skin). Also get a pump with your moisturizer so you're not dipping dirty fingers into the bottle or trying to pour it out which could cause it to spill. I don't like the soap version of the cleansing because soaps tend to melt away and get gross.

If you are thinking about purchasing this, I suggest waiting until there is a "bonus time", so you can take advantage of the little goodies. (usually there is an eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, and a few trial-sized skincare products)

For hair care products, I tend to find that the really cheap stuff (Suave, Alberto, St. Ives, NoName) is horrible. I haven't tried any high-end products, but the drugstore brands are all about the same. I've found that if you rinse out your conditioner REALLY well, your hair will be softer and more manageable, but less shiny. That's just me, though. I rinse like a madwoman.

1) Best Smell

Herbal Essences, of course! I personally prefer the newer lines (fruit fusion, rainforest flowers) to the older scents. But I've noticed that they have totally revamped their look, so maybe they have new scents too!

2) Best Formulation

L'Oreal Vive Shampoo and Conditioner seems to be the most effective. The Conditioner can be very hard to rinse out, though. I've also noticed that L'Oreal is changing their look too, and I haven't tried the new Vive line.

Pantene also makes great Shampoo and Conditioner, but their prices have gone WAAAY up in the past few years, so I would pick the L'Oreal over Pantene.

4) Best 2-in-1

I still like Pert Plus's line of 2-in-1s. It rinses off easily and smells pretty good.


Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner is horrible. It feels like glycerine in your hands and does not rinse off. I doubt that fruit oils can actually help your hair in any way.

The Rest
I don't really wear makeup as in foundation, eyeshadow, blush, etc...so I really would not know. From what I've heard, MAC is really great.