Thursday, August 31, 2006

I feel my luck could change

Today, an event of immense excitingness happened to me. I found a four-leafed clover!!!! A REAL four-leafed clover, not one of those three-leafed clovers with a split leaf. After a few minutes of rejoicing, I decided that I would try to preserve it as a necklace pendant. I duct taped it to an old pendant of mine. Hopefully it won't shrivel up anytime soon. Here it is:

I have been hunting for four-leafed clovers all my life so this is actually a monumental time of my life. No kidding!

1 comment:

Am said...

One thing to do, when you find things like this is to immediately put it in a book...Leave it there for a couple if weeks or longer then take it out. Leaves usually stay green when they dry.