Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stupid Fashionable Things...

Some things just puzzle me. I see people wearing/doing/saying them, and I wonder if they realize how much they are embarrassing themselves. I bet they only reason they're doing/wearing/saying it is to follow a trend. Blind trendfollowing is most laughable...so, laugh! ha! ha! ha!

1) Souduku puzzles

WHAT? I don't get these. I see girls doing them on the bus, during class...is this not one of the most boring puzzles? I mean, adding numbers? Since when was that fun?

2) Leggings

Whyyyy won't....you...go...away...already...YAY! Leggings v. 2.0! Now comes in "wetlook" and "lame"!

3) Lack of Eyebrows

whaaat? I guess this doesn't even count as "fashionable". I don't know who invented this look, but unless they actually lost their eyebrows due to some medical condition, SHAME ON THEM, I say!

4) Posting drunken pictures on facebook

You know you're thinking about facebook too much when even the drunk version of yourself insists on snapping some photos so you can put them in your profile! booo! Nobody wants to see your bloodshot eyes!