Saturday, May 12, 2007

Snakes and Ladders


ohgod, Mischa Barton...why is this so perfect?

Kate Bosworth looked not-bad, too.

Especially the hair/makeup:
Cameron FINALLY went back to blonde...

Poor Lindsay...


My graduation banquet is coming up very very soon...I already have my dress (black halter with lacey bodice) and shoes (black peep-toes) but I have merely 2 weeks to decide on jewelry, hair, makeup, and bag.

What a dire task! :)

I originally wanted a deep purple dress, but I never really did find one, and it turns out that 31532 other girls are wearing purple. Makeup will be done by moi, for I cannot handle other people jabbing mascara wands in my face.

I don't want to wear too much makeup...I'm thinking a plum/navy smokey eye with gold accents in the corners of my eyes. Oh yeah, and shiny deep purple nail polish.

For jewelry, I really want to get gigantic dangly purple earrings and a matching giant cocktail ring:
(Urban Outfitters)

For hair, I'm thinking a simple bun/twist, à la Ms Moss: