Sunday, February 25, 2007

A delicate balance

OH mother of god and gosh golly gally!

This has got to be the best dress of the evening...? The cut! The colour! The hair! The lips! The jewels! Perfectomundo!

Other notable mentions:

Emily Blunt and Reese Witherspoon in inky blues and purples.

Cate Blanchett in a gunmetal column

Helen age-appropriate

Kirsten Dunst lookin' snazzy and oh so 20s

Pictures from Catwalk Queen :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I really think I am developing a shopping addiction. It's not so much shopping for nice clothes, but shopping for CHEAP clothes. A few weeks back, Forever XXI was having this huge buy one get one free sale...this is what happened:

1) stripey cropped jacket

This is nice, I think. Summery, matches my bedsheets.
2) Weird top
drop-waisted halter top
3) Very unflattering dress
I fell in love with the print on this dress. The fit, notsomuch. I'm thinking of just wearing it as a top, maybe shortening it a bit. I don't really like the dress-with-jeans look, unless the dress is hip length or shorter, which would make it a top, not a dress.

So these three items, along with these plaid bermuda shorts, a cotton capelet/cardigan thing, and 2 cotton shirts, totaled up to being about $50, which really isn't bad for 7 items.

I really like navy, eh?

Next stop: Superstore

I am so excited about Superstore's clothes, shoes, and bags. It is like my own little dose of H&M right in the grocery store (EXCEPT H&M IS ACTUALLY COMING THIS SPRING!!! ERGLACK!!)

Their spring stuff is gorgeous, and as soon as their website is updated, I will post pics. I have my eye on a hip-length trench coat in blue/gray or gray/navy.

In the meantime, I got these pom-pom gloves:
...actually it was a set. They are nice, especially since I live practically live at the North Pole. Plus, they remind me of elementary school.

I also bought these shoes for $5 at Superstore. They were so irresistibly kooky and wonderful.

Finally....payless. So I couldn't buy the urban outfitters shoes. These ones are better, probably. They were in TeenVogue, so they must be better! right? Anyways, they were $30, which is more I've spent on shoes for 2 years. I really am very cheap. I am quite jealous of you American folk who only have to pay $14.99 for these shoes.

I have bought a LOT more stuff other than this in the past month, but I only had time to take a few pictures. shoppingshoppingshoppingshoppingshoppingshopping!

You don't remember...

harharhar. Thank God I wasn't born yet when this happened:

I'm walking out in a force 10 gale

I saw these and I couldn't resist. They're so cute in a grade 2-er kind of way. Little pom-poms, cable knit, excessive tassles...and only $5. When you live in the arctic, these things are nice to have. :)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Might Be Wrong

Empire waist tops are like Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. Everyone says they're great, but I really don't see how.

I've bought 1 empire waist top in my entire life (and only because it was $1.99 at Old Navy), and every time I wear it, I feel pregnant. And uncomfortable that my boobs are on display for the entire world.

Exhibit A:
Is this really flattering? Eh?

Exhibit B:

Does this not make her shoulders look manly and her entire torso look dumpy?

p.s like the hair, though.


I'm really kinda tired of skinny jeans/straight jeans. The whole loose top/tight jeans look is EVERYWHERE. I want these:
They look so...normal and comfy. Problem is, they're $68.