Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Anyone can play guitar...

but only 90s era Radiohead can pull off such grotesque outfits.


This video just screams 90s psychedelic scariness...from the radioactive chickens, feather boas, close-ups of bad lip-synching, and a million other creepy/funny things. I really do hope the 90s never come back.


Anonymous said...

italians are gay and chestwaxing and eyebrow-plucking twats.

also they are uber ugly.
i thought all you avid readers should know this and remember it.

ambika said...

Ha, what a funny find. I forgot the early days, when they were probably still trying to find their bearings. I thought I'd die if the 80s came back and I've actually enjoyed some of those trends, but the 90s would be too painful for words.h