Saturday, September 23, 2006

Little Piggy

Blog for Beauty came up with this genius idea of taking pictures of all your makeup and sharing it with readers. Who doesn't love talking about themselves? And, who doesn't like snooping through other people's stuff?

But when I went to go take a picture of the makeup I use, I realized that I had almost none. Basically, I do the 3-step face washing thing, and go. Sometimes, when I'm feeling adventurous, I put on mascara/eyeliner, blush, and lip gloss. is my makeup:

But, being the shopaholic that I am, I also have a whole bunch of other makeup that I NEVER use. First of all, wearing eyeshadow does not work because I wear contacts, and they get really irksome as soon as ANY eyeshadow gets in my eyes. I am horrible at applying concealer and have yet to find one that matches my skin tone. I got most of this makeup really cheap or for free, though, so I don't feel guilty for not using it.

So, there it is. Not too exciting, I know, but less is more, I suppose?

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