Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A pig. In a cage. On antibiotics.

Gah...my friends...I yearn to post every single minute of every single day, but l'ecole has just been so absolument horrible that I have had no time to do ANYTHING. It seems like I am constantly studying, thinking about scholarship applications, or doing the billion extra-curricular activities I shouldn't have signed up for. At least a busy life prevents me from thinking that I'm wasting it.

However, I just must take a break from doing tedius calculus problems and post THIS:

This, my friends, is the feminized version of the jersey of the best hockey team on the planet. I know most of you guys won't know who the Oilers are, but that's okay. However, I think this jersey is an abomination to mankind. It is, like grandma's knitted sweaters and pom-pom hair accessories, suitable only for females under the age of 12 or overly flamboyant males. Nevertheless, GO OILERS.

Also, LOST premieres tomorrow, which has got me so excited I can't help but twitch and jump as I type this.


P.S I will be away next week on a whaling (whale-watching, not hunting, you sillies) expedition. Don't expect me to post anything.

au revoir! bon voyage pour moi!


Larry Mondello said...


I think you may have become a touch confused when you refer to the best hockey team in the world.
Certainly the pink rendition of the Oilers jersey is cute and would look good on ladies serving beer in the tavern, but let's not forget about one thing.

The Leafs of Toronto are far more steeped in history than th eOilers and even Gretzky's presence in the organization will never change the fact that the franchises'success was accomplished in a watered down, expansionist league that even I could play in.

Let us still be united when our national teams play though.If you had posted a CDN womens jersey,I may not have written you.

You guys in Alberta are such hosers though.


Anonymous said...

UMMM???? OILERS??? i think not
GO FLAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Go Wings!

Anonymous said...

Go Wings!