Thursday, August 31, 2006

Talks in maths...

In a mere week, I shall be back at youth prison school. Oh, how I miss the early morning zombie marching, the white-faced fear of English class, the inescapable feeling of doom while writing a physics test...
I guess the only thing that would make youknowwhat less painful is dressing up for the first day back. The first day is always a dilemma, because you want to show off all your new purchases, but you don't want to seem like you're trying too hard. So, while I sit here and ponder my outfit, I also thought up some easy outfits for all of my 2 readers. (I love you guys!)

Option 1 (trying not to try too hard): Jeans+quirky tshirt+funky necklace+flats

(picture from facehunter)

Option 2 (still trying not to try too hard): Skirt+tank+cardigan+flats+crazy jewellery

(picture from facehunter)

Option 3: Sweatsuit (if you must...) + extra nice hair and jewellery

Option 4: (conformity) Jeans+tshirt+hoodie+shoes
AE: conforming teens since grade school

I suspect that at my school, 20% would be option 1, 10% option 2, 10% option 3, 50% option 4, and 10% option z.

I hope to be in the option z category. As soon as I figure out my outfit, I'll post it. Promise.

P.S. Hopefully nobody will show up in Option Yuck: Leggings+Denim miniskirt+polka-dot top+headband+long pendanty necklace+flats

This girl is gorgeous and slender, but imagine how much better she would look if she weren't wearing those darned leggings!!!!!!

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