Saturday, October 06, 2007

In rainbows

Hey everyone, I'm back! Thanks for all the encouraging comments, by the way...I'm flattered that people actually read this thing!

The reason I haven't posted for so long is that I've been insanely busy with school. I started university (or "college", as you say in the States) in September and I've barely had time to breathe! A lot has happened in the past few weeks, and sadly, I haven't really been paying attention to the S/S 08 shows. I haven't gone shopping for months!

I've started reconsidering "fashion"...and I was thinking, does being stylish/trendy make one unapproachable? When I'm walking around campus, I notice that most girls are wearing jeans, comfy shoes, and hoodies. A few are very stylish...skinny jeans are still rampant, leggings and tunics, flowy scarves...but when I think about what kind of person I would approach at a social gathering, I must say that I'd feel more comfortable breaking the ice with "college girl" than "fashionista". Like I said, I haven't gone shopping for months so I hate all my clothes, naturally..I'm also finding myself wearing my sneakers more and more and my flats less and less. Flats are just not as comfy for walking around campus.

Should I even bother going shopping for trendy but slightly impractical clothes? Every time I walk by our University bookstore, I'm tempted by all the hoodies and sweatpants. I don't want to be that unapproachable girl at the party. That being said, I know that as soon as I step into Urban Outfitters, I'll drool over their mustard yellow ribbed tights and flat leather boots. I know I should dress for nobody but myself, but's so much easier to coordinate hoodies and jeans than leggings, tunics, bags, scarves, and berets.

I did take a peek at the shows, and I'm really nervous about this resurgence of bright colours. I've never liked bright colours. My closet is all gray, brown, tan, olive, and cream. Quoi faire?

Wanting: perfect boots, -40C jacket, jeans, socks, white 60gb ipod (is anyone selling theirs???)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stupid Fashionable Things...

Some things just puzzle me. I see people wearing/doing/saying them, and I wonder if they realize how much they are embarrassing themselves. I bet they only reason they're doing/wearing/saying it is to follow a trend. Blind trendfollowing is most, laugh! ha! ha! ha!

1) Souduku puzzles

WHAT? I don't get these. I see girls doing them on the bus, during this not one of the most boring puzzles? I mean, adding numbers? Since when was that fun?

2) Leggings

Whyyyy won'! Leggings v. 2.0! Now comes in "wetlook" and "lame"!

3) Lack of Eyebrows

whaaat? I guess this doesn't even count as "fashionable". I don't know who invented this look, but unless they actually lost their eyebrows due to some medical condition, SHAME ON THEM, I say!

4) Posting drunken pictures on facebook

You know you're thinking about facebook too much when even the drunk version of yourself insists on snapping some photos so you can put them in your profile! booo! Nobody wants to see your bloodshot eyes!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Snakes and Ladders


ohgod, Mischa Barton...why is this so perfect?

Kate Bosworth looked not-bad, too.

Especially the hair/makeup:
Cameron FINALLY went back to blonde...

Poor Lindsay...


My graduation banquet is coming up very very soon...I already have my dress (black halter with lacey bodice) and shoes (black peep-toes) but I have merely 2 weeks to decide on jewelry, hair, makeup, and bag.

What a dire task! :)

I originally wanted a deep purple dress, but I never really did find one, and it turns out that 31532 other girls are wearing purple. Makeup will be done by moi, for I cannot handle other people jabbing mascara wands in my face.

I don't want to wear too much makeup...I'm thinking a plum/navy smokey eye with gold accents in the corners of my eyes. Oh yeah, and shiny deep purple nail polish.

For jewelry, I really want to get gigantic dangly purple earrings and a matching giant cocktail ring:
(Urban Outfitters)

For hair, I'm thinking a simple bun/twist, à la Ms Moss:

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Skip Divided

I have a bit of a secret. Every Saturday, I go grocery shopping with my dad at Superstore. It's like our weekly ritual. He drives, I put the loonie in the cart, I push it to the entrance, then I give him the cart and head over to the clothing department. Yup, that's right. Clothes shopping. In a grocery store.

Superstore just got a new clothing line a year back, and it's amaaazzing. It's like a mini H&M...a line of casual clothing, yoga wear, pyjamas, shoes, and bags. It's called Joe fresh style and I own at least 10 pieces from it. This spring/summer they have put together some really nice looks:
I love the colours in this outfit..very springy

Cobalt blue...layering...bright coloured top...skinny jeans...very trendy.

I love the relaxed-ness of the first outfit..I tihnk I am going to purchase a few of those puff-sleeved polos

Trapeze dress

I love the cut of this dress...the waistline is perfect. Also love the bag , shoes, and headband

loooove this jacket. And the pedal pushers.

The nice thing about the Joe line is that the shirts are a bit longer, the waistline on the pants a bit higher, and everything fits a bit more relaxed than stuff you would find at other cheap-chic stores like Forever XXI.

Also, at the end of the season you can find crazy deals. Like shirts for $1.94. I have a few of those.

Kicking, screaming, Gucci little piggy

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Kate Moss's line for Topshop is fantabulistic...

I especially love...

this dress.

This dress.

...and this jacket.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

A delicate balance

OH mother of god and gosh golly gally!

This has got to be the best dress of the evening...? The cut! The colour! The hair! The lips! The jewels! Perfectomundo!

Other notable mentions:

Emily Blunt and Reese Witherspoon in inky blues and purples.

Cate Blanchett in a gunmetal column

Helen age-appropriate

Kirsten Dunst lookin' snazzy and oh so 20s

Pictures from Catwalk Queen :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I really think I am developing a shopping addiction. It's not so much shopping for nice clothes, but shopping for CHEAP clothes. A few weeks back, Forever XXI was having this huge buy one get one free sale...this is what happened:

1) stripey cropped jacket

This is nice, I think. Summery, matches my bedsheets.
2) Weird top
drop-waisted halter top
3) Very unflattering dress
I fell in love with the print on this dress. The fit, notsomuch. I'm thinking of just wearing it as a top, maybe shortening it a bit. I don't really like the dress-with-jeans look, unless the dress is hip length or shorter, which would make it a top, not a dress.

So these three items, along with these plaid bermuda shorts, a cotton capelet/cardigan thing, and 2 cotton shirts, totaled up to being about $50, which really isn't bad for 7 items.

I really like navy, eh?

Next stop: Superstore

I am so excited about Superstore's clothes, shoes, and bags. It is like my own little dose of H&M right in the grocery store (EXCEPT H&M IS ACTUALLY COMING THIS SPRING!!! ERGLACK!!)

Their spring stuff is gorgeous, and as soon as their website is updated, I will post pics. I have my eye on a hip-length trench coat in blue/gray or gray/navy.

In the meantime, I got these pom-pom gloves:
...actually it was a set. They are nice, especially since I live practically live at the North Pole. Plus, they remind me of elementary school.

I also bought these shoes for $5 at Superstore. They were so irresistibly kooky and wonderful.

Finally....payless. So I couldn't buy the urban outfitters shoes. These ones are better, probably. They were in TeenVogue, so they must be better! right? Anyways, they were $30, which is more I've spent on shoes for 2 years. I really am very cheap. I am quite jealous of you American folk who only have to pay $14.99 for these shoes.

I have bought a LOT more stuff other than this in the past month, but I only had time to take a few pictures. shoppingshoppingshoppingshoppingshoppingshopping!

You don't remember...

harharhar. Thank God I wasn't born yet when this happened:

I'm walking out in a force 10 gale

I saw these and I couldn't resist. They're so cute in a grade 2-er kind of way. Little pom-poms, cable knit, excessive tassles...and only $5. When you live in the arctic, these things are nice to have. :)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I Might Be Wrong

Empire waist tops are like Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. Everyone says they're great, but I really don't see how.

I've bought 1 empire waist top in my entire life (and only because it was $1.99 at Old Navy), and every time I wear it, I feel pregnant. And uncomfortable that my boobs are on display for the entire world.

Exhibit A:
Is this really flattering? Eh?

Exhibit B:

Does this not make her shoulders look manly and her entire torso look dumpy?

p.s like the hair, though.


I'm really kinda tired of skinny jeans/straight jeans. The whole loose top/tight jeans look is EVERYWHERE. I want these:
They look so...normal and comfy. Problem is, they're $68.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Let's go down a waterfall!!!!!


H&M is coming to Edmonton this spring!!!!


This is officially one of the happiest days of my life. Bye bye, savings!

I will host an official H&M shopping party complete with food and camera!! Whopee. I feel like doing 5 heel clicks in a row.

Friday, January 26, 2007

The Tourist

My favourite stylediary of all time has to be that of these two adorable young ladies from Holland. They emulate perfectly the "look" that I try to put together in 5 minutes at 6:30 in the morning, and they own all the clothes that I would never be able to afford/wear/find. I think I've achieved style-stalker status, reading over what I've just written.

Isn't this just the perfect 60s inspired outfit? Love the tights, love the peep-toe flats, love the print, love the layered shirt.

Fleur and Esmee's photos sometimes even resemble a magazine spread right out of TeenVogue, not to mention that they have a great location...HOLLAND! Wow, what a beautiful country. I am quite jealous of their flats, boots, and dog (Pip)!!

So Blogger is being difficult and not letting me load any pictures, so check out their diary .

True Love Waits

(I apologize for the crappy photoshop job. I really don't know how to use the "magnetic lasso". It keeps spazzing out on me.)

OK, so it's not my dream grad dress, but it's tolerable, and fairly flattering. I realized that mother nature has decided not to give me shoulder blades or armpits. It's not just due to chubbiness. If I dig down deep into my shoulder, I do not feel any prominent bones. Maybe it's a birth defect.

I'm thinking of finding different shoes...I really can't walk in heels. I was thinking about some satin ballet flats with ankle the ones from urban outfitters...which would cost $30 to ship....grr...but that might look really weird with the purple tights.

Ah well. The dress was cheap ($40!!), so I can splurge on a nice updo (I'm thinking loose-ish, relaxed, bridesmaid with a nice headband) and makeup. I can't decide if I want to get my make up done, because I don't trust the makeup ladies with caked-on foundation and 4 layers of mascara. I might just buy some nice products and do it myself. Total control, muarharhar.

I can't wait for grad! yippee!

Torn to Shreds

omigod. I think I have fallen in love. With everything.

(OH my. I don't know how that picture changed colour while uploading. Blogger is blagh!)

Why do I live in Canada? Why do I not have a credit card? Why is everything I love either sold exclusively in the US or cost $30 to ship? GAH!!!! Angry.

(Answer to #2: I would be in massive debt)