Saturday, April 14, 2007

Skip Divided

I have a bit of a secret. Every Saturday, I go grocery shopping with my dad at Superstore. It's like our weekly ritual. He drives, I put the loonie in the cart, I push it to the entrance, then I give him the cart and head over to the clothing department. Yup, that's right. Clothes shopping. In a grocery store.

Superstore just got a new clothing line a year back, and it's amaaazzing. It's like a mini H&M...a line of casual clothing, yoga wear, pyjamas, shoes, and bags. It's called Joe fresh style and I own at least 10 pieces from it. This spring/summer they have put together some really nice looks:
I love the colours in this outfit..very springy

Cobalt blue...layering...bright coloured top...skinny jeans...very trendy.

I love the relaxed-ness of the first outfit..I tihnk I am going to purchase a few of those puff-sleeved polos

Trapeze dress

I love the cut of this dress...the waistline is perfect. Also love the bag , shoes, and headband

loooove this jacket. And the pedal pushers.

The nice thing about the Joe line is that the shirts are a bit longer, the waistline on the pants a bit higher, and everything fits a bit more relaxed than stuff you would find at other cheap-chic stores like Forever XXI.

Also, at the end of the season you can find crazy deals. Like shirts for $1.94. I have a few of those.

Kicking, screaming, Gucci little piggy

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Kate Moss's line for Topshop is fantabulistic...

I especially love...

this dress.

This dress.

...and this jacket.