Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Black Swan

Wow guys, has it really been a month?

Ranting about my insanely busy life will take up too much room and will most likely be boring, so let's talk about grad dresses instead. Yay.

I really really don't want to wear a "typical" grad dress. No poofs, none of that weird poofy thin fabric material, no long silky gowns, etc...

Though I'd probably regret it in a few years, I have finally decided that for grad, I am going 60s.

I'm talking minidress, black tights, and colourful pumps. Maybe even a pixie cut. (heh...probably not a pixie cut). But nonetheless, I shall look to Sienna Miller for inspiration. For colour, I'm thinking purple. *Excited!*

Every girl must dream of wearing Roland Mouret, non?

...or Vera Wang, for that matter.

P.S I am TOTALLY FOR buying a dress on sale after Christmas for your grad...that way nobody will have the same thing as you and you can brag about how great a deal you got!


Anonymous said...

the purple one is quite nice.

La Norteñita said...

great dress choices!

Anonymous said...

you mean edie not sienna.