Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fake Plastic Love

A Ballet flat is an excellent shoe
I'll wear them regardless of mood
But I am getting sad
'Cause mine are going bad
What am I going to do?

I've had a pair of trustly old black ballet flats for 2 years now. I bought them for $25 at Payless (and at the time I thought that was a FORTUNE for shoes, being the cheapster that I am). Wearing them pretty much every day, they're dying. They're scuffed, scraped, torn, and misshapen. But I can't seem to find a replacement. (Though I saw a gorgeous pair of quilted black ones at Le Chateau today...) So, I'm 'Windows shopping' (haha...get it? Shopping online? With MS Windows?? HAHA) until I have the money and motivation to go back to the mall.

Let's start with some more affordable options. From payless are these plasticy looking red ones. Not sure if I like the bow that much, but cheap all the same.

These are from zappos. Very 'basic boring black ballet' and $99 US.

I really like these satin-tie ones from Urban Outfitters, who always have beautiful, uniquely shaped shoes that are out of my price range. $33 US

Now for some overpriced shoes to drool over.

From Derek Lam...the perfect patent peep toes. I saw similar ones at The Bay from Nine West for $125 CAN.

And finally...I saved the best for last...these adorable mouse flats from Marc Jacobs. Drool.