Sunday, August 27, 2006

How to Disappear Completely

Even though I don't like to admit it, I'm a sucker for trends. The novelty of wearing the latest "it" thing is comparable to the feeling one gets while wearing leopard-print underwear, or socks with cow pom-poms. The problem is, they come and go so quickly nowadays, I feel like by the time I write about them in this blog, they're already "over". Nonetheless, here's a run-down of my favourite and least-favourite 'trends'.

1) Plaid

I have a friend who was mad for plaid (and all things scottish) a few years back, which caused me to believe she was going insane. But this year, I kind of like the unoffensive pattern myself.

Urban Outfitters cleverly combines the plaid trend with peter-pan collar and the trapeze jacket trends. I love the vintage feel of this jacket, but I'm not so sure about that new egg shape. It'd probably make me look fat.

2) Unflattering pant silhouettes (aka the skinny pant and the wide-legged pant)

I admit I'm a victim of the skinny jeans trend, mostly because they allow me to show off my ballet flats!! I know they don't flatter my butt and hips, but they sure do flatter my shoes! The skinny-leg trend is fast leaving the trendosphere as stores like Wal-Mart are catching on...but I suspect girls abd boys are going to be wearing this for another year or so.

Sigh..these (from Urban Outfitters) don't even flatter the models. The "grey" Sienna jeans on the right are absolutement horrid...especially combined with those weird flats and shirt.

Now, the wide-legged pant is probably going to follow the skinny leg as the new "it" pant leg. I'm not so sure on this one either...from a distance it could look like you really have humongo legs.

From Anthropologie:

From Urban Outfitters:

3) Gloom and Doom

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dark, depressing colours of this fall. Dusty blues, greys, blacks, and purples ruled the runways. However, I'm not so sure this is going to bode well in mainstream fashion; we saw how the pastelly colours of S/S 06 didn't really translate to the high street. I am certainly still wearing some colour this summer. But for fall, I am going all-out neutral, dark, and smoky.

From Marc Jacobs and Chloe:

And Burberry Prosum:

4) Knits/layering

Yay! Sweaters that are warm and not-tight! Hurrah! And an excuse to layer them like mommy always said!

Marc Jacobs making a 'big' statement

5) Leggings

Now, I have a HUGE beef with leggings that could well be a 5000-word essay.
To "sum" it up:

leggings + denim miniskirt = trendwhoreness

horizontally striped leggings + zebra print miniskirt = fat trendwhoreness
(I actually saw a girl wearing this combo)

Now, leggings CAN look chic, for example:

On Daria:

Note: Models weigh less than a buck twenty and are 6 feet tall. Unless you are too, steer clear of leggings! please!

I do love tights, however.

6) Huuuuge bags

Finally, a break from those tiny armpit bags of 3 years ago! I can now carry all my self-defense weapons, hand sanitizer, books, and emergency contact-lens kit in one bag! wahoo!

Jessica Alba with an YSL Muse

7) The Roundish Almond Toe

From Payless

I love this shape because pointy always said "tramp" to me, and round was too quirky with some outfits.

8) Funny shapes

I'm not so sure about this one, because I've always thought slightly fitted was almost always the most flattering for any body type. If you're super skinny, you're in luck since many of these shapes will add shape to your body. For the rest of us, we'll just look on jealously.

From Chloé:

Also note: Beautiful thick tights, booties. grey

Well, those are the trends that stuck out most for me. I'm sure there are a bagazillion more, but as I said, who knows which ones will be most popular for the masses? Girls at my school will probably continue to wear their AE "inspirational" tees, tna hoodies, and puma shoes regardless of what the runways dictate.