Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sit down, Stand up

I can't believe I've turned into "one of those girls" who thinks about her grad dress 8 months ahead of time. I'm not even looking forward to grad that much; I don't like dances, I don't like cheesy speeches, I don't like large social gatherings. But I DO like dresses!

I want to wear something feminine, but not prom-like. Nothing pastelly, poofy, or glittery. Definitely no tiara or tacky rhinestone necklace. For example:


Grad dress rundown!

1) Anthropologie

I love Anthropologie for everything, but unfortunately I am poor and cheap and credit card-less.


2) Vera Wang

This is her bridesmaid dress collection. I have no idea where to buy these?

Sorry for the bad image quality. I had to take screenshots and compile them in Paint. You can see them in greater detail here.

For shoes, I DON'T like strappy, glittery, or high.


I'd prefer wearing pumps even though they don't go with most evening dresses. Oh well. I can wear them again and they'd be much more comfortable than a strappy sandal shoe.

From Urban Outfitters:

From Anthropologie:

3) Bag

I'd really love to find a great vintage clutch.

When grad does come along finally, I'll be sure to post pictures and commentary!