Friday, January 26, 2007

True Love Waits

(I apologize for the crappy photoshop job. I really don't know how to use the "magnetic lasso". It keeps spazzing out on me.)

OK, so it's not my dream grad dress, but it's tolerable, and fairly flattering. I realized that mother nature has decided not to give me shoulder blades or armpits. It's not just due to chubbiness. If I dig down deep into my shoulder, I do not feel any prominent bones. Maybe it's a birth defect.

I'm thinking of finding different shoes...I really can't walk in heels. I was thinking about some satin ballet flats with ankle the ones from urban outfitters...which would cost $30 to ship....grr...but that might look really weird with the purple tights.

Ah well. The dress was cheap ($40!!), so I can splurge on a nice updo (I'm thinking loose-ish, relaxed, bridesmaid with a nice headband) and makeup. I can't decide if I want to get my make up done, because I don't trust the makeup ladies with caked-on foundation and 4 layers of mascara. I might just buy some nice products and do it myself. Total control, muarharhar.

I can't wait for grad! yippee!


Anonymous said...


true lobe waits
i certainly hope not....

dress is quite nice actually.

Anonymous said...

my dress ws cheaper.

ok wil stop now

Anne said...

Just blur the background and block your face(brush) should do the trick. :P Nice blog though.