Saturday, January 06, 2007

There are two colours in my head...

For spring 2007, I mean. Earlier on, I was all excited about a muted, blues/lilacs/periwinkles/creams/greys/yellows palette, but now I'm suddenly hearing about neon, graphic prints, and bold bead necklaces? Hello? Wasn't that two years ago??

I'm about to give up on trends. It's the same process every season. First, I see the "fore casted trends" in a magazine, and I'm almost always disgusted. I'm not prone to change. I still want to wear my bermuda shorts and skinny jeans. Then, I start seeing all the cringe-inducing 'trends' in stores, on all the model-sized fashionistas parading Whyte Ave, and I'm kind of intrigued. Finally, I give in, buying a crappy imitation at Forever XXI. It gets stowed at the back of the closet after 3-4 uses, and I tell myself not to be a trendwhore...again.

It's been better lately...I've tried to stay with certain trends and stay clear of others. I still really love the skinny silhouette for bottoms, because of the shoe-show-off factor. However, I've bought tons of baggy jeans and pants recently, just out of a need to be more comfortable, and I just read somewhere that the "boyfriend jean" will be "in" to replace the ubiquitous skinny jean. WHAT? Did I just follow a trend inadvertently?

Sadly, because I've been wearing comfortable sneakers all winter, I fear that it may be hard to get back to wearing ballet flats this summer. No matter what they say, ballet flats are just not as comfortable. They're sweaty, blister-inducing, and unsupportive. BUT, I can't wait to buy a few new pairs for the summer. I'm thinking real leather (gasp!) this time. I'd really love a pair of tie-ups such as these...I remember seeing a pair...simple black ballet with a long, wide ribbon that ties at the ankles...I might have dreamed them up, though.

AND, blogger is not letting me add pictures, so there's no point in hunting them up online.

So, officially, my shopping list for the spring/summer season shall be:

-ballet flats
-longer tshirts in pale colours

...for now.

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S said...

Ah yes, I know exactly what you mean. Keeping up with trends is such a confusing, frustrating, but pressuring circumstance. Trends go in cycles, are so predictable, yet we always go "oooh...interesting" when a "new" trend comes along. Sometimes I feel the urge to just wear whatever. With ballet flats that is. haha