Saturday, January 06, 2007

Let Down

Grad dress update...I bought a gorgeous purple lacey empire-waist mini-dress, but the old parents didn't approve. It DOES kind of look like lingerie, perhaps not completely suitable for grad. However, I'm still hoping to wear it for a different event, so hopefully there will be photos!

I did end up buying a parent-friendly grad dress: black, halter-top, above-the-knee, some lacey and ruching detail, perfectly okay. I'm happy with it, and I'm told that it's slimming. I've always been against halter-tops for some strange reason, but now I realize that they are quite flattering. The best thing is, the dress was 50% off and very cheap ($40ish) that means I can spend more on killer shoes and hairdo and such. I've made my mother promise not to comment on my shoe choice. Oh yeah, I've decided that instead of wearing the purple dress/black tights combination, I will wear purple tights/black dress! Wearing tights may be the one thing I regret in 10 years...but I will anyways. I love tights.


A said...

Hey I think I know the purple dress you speak of... is it from Le Chateau? My friend bought it for the winter formal, hehe but don't worry we're all the way in Toronto.

Emily said...

YES!! It was from Le Chateau. Isn't it gorgeous?

I still have it though, and I WILL wear it to something!