Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fitter, Happier, More Productive

Ok, so I mentioned in the last post that I'm still mildly aware of the trends for the upcoming season...and although it takes trends a few months (or even a full season) to filter down and sizzle and die, I'm kind of dreading what's coming up in fashion.

1) First off, shoulder pads? High-waisted shorts and pants?
Ok, I can understand a BIT of structure with blazers and such, but shoulder pads/poofy shoulders à la Snow White...NO! PLEASE NO.
High-waisted pants will make your ass look incredibly large and long and flat. However, with that said, I'm really liking the whole "pull your skirt up to your natural waist and tuck in your shirt" thing. Much more flattering.

Oh, and I've yet to find a pair of wide-legged jeans that don't make me look stumpy.

2) Death of the ballet flat?
Even Old Navy is doing platform sandals...although they look superglam and awesome, do you really want to be 7 feet tall and in risk of major ankle injury?

3) Gladiator-style sandals
These were around last year, and as long as the strappy thing doesn't get too out of hand, I am liking this trend. Must buy some sandals.
Too out of hand:

4) "head wraps"
These look silly on most of us regular folk.

5) Death of the big bag?
I guess I've had enough of the huge bag thing. I really want a vintagey leather purse that is the perfect shade of brown that is smallish/mediumish that I can wear cross shouldered. Reminds me of my mommy.

6) And ohyes, bright colours
I don't like bright colours. I guess just wear the ones that suit your skintone. I'll probably end up wearing mostly neutral colours anyways.

And I really need to find a different source other that UO.


kpriss said...

You've said it! I was never into football to adopt shoulder pads, but I am a bit into strings and straps so I confess an ocean of love for the gladiator theme... and for the big bags!

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