Saturday, October 06, 2007

In rainbows

Hey everyone, I'm back! Thanks for all the encouraging comments, by the way...I'm flattered that people actually read this thing!

The reason I haven't posted for so long is that I've been insanely busy with school. I started university (or "college", as you say in the States) in September and I've barely had time to breathe! A lot has happened in the past few weeks, and sadly, I haven't really been paying attention to the S/S 08 shows. I haven't gone shopping for months!

I've started reconsidering "fashion"...and I was thinking, does being stylish/trendy make one unapproachable? When I'm walking around campus, I notice that most girls are wearing jeans, comfy shoes, and hoodies. A few are very stylish...skinny jeans are still rampant, leggings and tunics, flowy scarves...but when I think about what kind of person I would approach at a social gathering, I must say that I'd feel more comfortable breaking the ice with "college girl" than "fashionista". Like I said, I haven't gone shopping for months so I hate all my clothes, naturally..I'm also finding myself wearing my sneakers more and more and my flats less and less. Flats are just not as comfy for walking around campus.

Should I even bother going shopping for trendy but slightly impractical clothes? Every time I walk by our University bookstore, I'm tempted by all the hoodies and sweatpants. I don't want to be that unapproachable girl at the party. That being said, I know that as soon as I step into Urban Outfitters, I'll drool over their mustard yellow ribbed tights and flat leather boots. I know I should dress for nobody but myself, but's so much easier to coordinate hoodies and jeans than leggings, tunics, bags, scarves, and berets.

I did take a peek at the shows, and I'm really nervous about this resurgence of bright colours. I've never liked bright colours. My closet is all gray, brown, tan, olive, and cream. Quoi faire?

Wanting: perfect boots, -40C jacket, jeans, socks, white 60gb ipod (is anyone selling theirs???)


Anonymous said...

thank u so mus=ch for writing again! ive checked ur blog so much to see if u have posted a new entry and i was in luck! geat job! i need perfect boots too!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i dont think they ever came out with 60GB ipods, did they?

you ought to check on ebay. theyre ridiculously cheap.

as for sudokus, you must be disgusted with my behaviour in stats, then.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie said...

Can you find a nice, fashionable middle ground? Well-fitting jeans. Classic sneakers like Converse, Pumas, or Adidas shell-toes. Jacket or sweater alternative to hoodie.

Believe me, if you fall to the hoodie now, it will take years to break out of it. :)

mai said...

I totally understand you !!!!! I have exactly the same problem. Just try to be yourself whatever you wear and don't change everything for the sake of comfort!
Yeah that's about al I can say. If you have any better tips please tell me!

Anonymous said...


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kpriss said...

Hoping you had at least a smashing success at school, fashion is still there waiting (and won't go anywhere, I presume, so keep up your good work studying!). Colors will make you feel spring-ish but it's completely understandable if you don't want to step up into the light right now, with all the school thing going on.
One day you'll get tired of neutrals, it will come by itself, I'm sure!

Secretista said...


I'm a first year College student. The first semester I abbadoned my 'Fashionista' ways and dressed down. A lot of students are up for that, but then I realized, why look bad all day?!?! So still dress in your unique way sweety!