Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I really think I am developing a shopping addiction. It's not so much shopping for nice clothes, but shopping for CHEAP clothes. A few weeks back, Forever XXI was having this huge buy one get one free sale...this is what happened:

1) stripey cropped jacket

This is nice, I think. Summery, matches my bedsheets.
2) Weird top
drop-waisted halter top
3) Very unflattering dress
I fell in love with the print on this dress. The fit, notsomuch. I'm thinking of just wearing it as a top, maybe shortening it a bit. I don't really like the dress-with-jeans look, unless the dress is hip length or shorter, which would make it a top, not a dress.

So these three items, along with these plaid bermuda shorts, a cotton capelet/cardigan thing, and 2 cotton shirts, totaled up to being about $50, which really isn't bad for 7 items.

I really like navy, eh?

Next stop: Superstore

I am so excited about Superstore's clothes, shoes, and bags. It is like my own little dose of H&M right in the grocery store (EXCEPT H&M IS ACTUALLY COMING THIS SPRING!!! ERGLACK!!)

Their spring stuff is gorgeous, and as soon as their website is updated, I will post pics. I have my eye on a hip-length trench coat in blue/gray or gray/navy.

In the meantime, I got these pom-pom gloves:
...actually it was a set. They are nice, especially since I live practically live at the North Pole. Plus, they remind me of elementary school.

I also bought these shoes for $5 at Superstore. They were so irresistibly kooky and wonderful.

Finally....payless. So I couldn't buy the urban outfitters shoes. These ones are better, probably. They were in TeenVogue, so they must be better! right? Anyways, they were $30, which is more I've spent on shoes for 2 years. I really am very cheap. I am quite jealous of you American folk who only have to pay $14.99 for these shoes.

I have bought a LOT more stuff other than this in the past month, but I only had time to take a few pictures. shoppingshoppingshoppingshoppingshoppingshopping!


Andrea said...

Payless?!? You got those at Payless? Wow. Don't mind if I get a pair myself do you?

Ladybird said...

Cute ballerinas!

Tru said...

lovely things and lovely blog

L. said...

I love everything you bought. Especially your shoes, the ones with the pom-pom thingys. Yeah thingys isn't a word, but serves its purpose in this comment.

I'm also confused as to why Payless overseas is so much better than Payless in Australia. It isn't fair!

Susan said...

I also like buying discounted designer apparel. I liked the halter top so much. It goes well with the new shoes I bought recently.